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“Joe is the pioneer of surfboard repair. At a time where so many people focused on so many areas in the surfing industry, Joe took the best approach because he is the guy who has kept us in the water. Everybody is guilty, myself included, of doing shitty home repairs and Joe has perfected the art of surfboard repair to a point that I refuse to try to fix dings myself. I take all my boards to Joe, he gets my boards done so quick and it turns out perfect every time.”

Joel Tudor


“I have been bringing my boards into Joe Ropers Ding repair for the past 12 years. I break a lot of boards and i travel a lot, so i need a reliable and fast ding repair service. Joe is a really good surfer who charged pipeline back in the day, so he understands the importance in fixing a ding without weiging the board down. I will always take my boards to get repaired at his shop because Ropers Ding repair is the best in San Diego!”

Derek Dunfee
Billabong XXL Paddle of the Year 2009 Winner


“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Joe and he’s resurrected my favorite boards from their death beds. Joe doesn’t just do ding repair; he does magic. Making battered boards new again in the blink of an eye.”

Evan Slater
Surfing Magazine Editor in Chief


“Joe Roper’s Surfboard Repair is the best on the planet! Best service, best quality, fast turnaround times. Best surfboard repair that has ever existed!”

Saxon Boucher
Pro Surfer/ Ambassador of Aquatic Fun at Hurley International


“Joe Roper is the most talented ding repair craftsman I have seen. No matter what the problem is with my board, Joe not only seems to find a way to fix it, but also finds a way to make the board stronger and prevent the same type of ding from happening again. Now I take my brand new boards to him so that he can strengthen the parts of the board that I typically thrash in order to make the board last longer. His shop is filled with good people.”

Jeremy Horowitz
Associate Counsel San Diego Padres


Local Customer, Savannah bought a Murphy Shapes Surfboard from PB Surf Shop and when it got a huge 3″ cut she brought it back to PB Surf Shop and then we sent it to Joe Ropers Surf board Repair. He does great work and we recommend him to all of our fellow surfers and friends when ever you need your surfboard fixed like it was brand new!

Pacific Beach Surf Shop
4150 Mission Blvd Suite #161, San Diego CA 92109

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