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One Stop Surf Shop - Core Gear & Supplies


1. What are your hours of operation?
Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm.   CLOSED Sunday.

2. What is a surfboard and SUP repair service?
A Surfboard/SUP repair service is essential in maintaining the value and performance of your surfboard. When you buy a new or used surfboard at today’s prices it is considered an investment, therefore routine or as needed repair service is important in preventing the deterioration of your surfboard. Remember, those open dings and slightly cracked fins allow water to enter into your board and create areas of delamination and water logging which greatly impacts the quality of your ride.

3. Can you fix broken surfboards and SUP boards?

4. Do you offer color matches on your surfboard and SUP repairs?
Yes, we have a full color station with a highly tenured air-brusher. However, certain colors and pigments can be challenging to match. We will do our best to match color and set realistic expectations during the evaluation process.

5. Is your workmanship guaranteed?
Yes we stand behind our work 100%.

6. How much will it cost to fix my repair?
Our price list is located on the website by category. Prices will vary on an individual case basis based on the severity of the damage, water logging, excess delamination, multiple fin and plug damage, color schemes, etc. We do not give estimates over the phone. All surfboards can be estimated accurately in person at the factory. Epoxy repair costs are higher due to higher cost of goods. SUP repairs start at a higher price tier due to handling, space, materials and storage.

7. Do I need to make an appointment?
No. Just bring your board in and we will give you an estimate on the spot.

8. Do you do restorations?
Yes. Please schedule an appointment for consultation during our regular business hours.

9. Do you do glass jobs.

10. Do you rent or sell surfboards?
We do not rent surfboards. We do have a selection of used boards for sale.

11. Do you carry surf accessories and surfboard materials?
Yes. We carry a full line of surfing and SUP accessories by top brands and a full line of composite materials to build a surfboard from scratch (DIY-Do it yourself).

12. How long have you been in business?
Joe has been surfing and repairing surfboards for 50 years and has basically seen it all. He is highly qualified and respected throughout the surfing industry.  His son JoJo has moved into place as his successor when Joe retires.  He is highly skilled and qualified to continue the business forward

13. How do I contact you to repair my surfboard?
Please call the factory at 858 650 3464 during our hours of operation or click on the contact us section of this website and email us.